Thursday, 5 May 2011

Black Beauty - Anna Sewell (Novel)

Short Synopsis
  • Black Beauty is a beautiful recount of the story of a handsome stallion living in Victorian England.
  • Had a happy childhood in the countryside before being sold to various owners and goes through various hardship and mistreatment.
  • Survived a horrible stable fire and also a serious illness.
  • Became a horse for rent and a taxi puller in working class London.
  • Finally sold to a kind farmer.
  • Retires in peace in the countryside.
  • The novel highlights the issue of cruelty to animals in Victorian England and remains a relevant issue till today.
  • The story is told poignantly and remains a heartwarming story till today.


  1. were is the characters?? i had download the analysis of this novel.. but there's no characters..

  2. Thank youu .. Its so helping ..

  3. May I know which region use this book?